Mark is a tradesman, a community organizer, a father, and former small business owner. Mark has lived in Lancaster County for nearly 10 years, all of them in the 98th house district. Mark knows Lancaster and Lebanon counties. He sends his children to our schools. He's a patron of our local businesses. He advocates for our communities.

Raised in Lock Haven, PA, Mark is a Pennsylvania native. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Niagara University. Mark has spent several years organizing around issues like labor, prison reform, foreign policy, and racial justice.

Mark is also a member of Lancaster Friends Quaker Meeting, as well as the Lancaster County NAACP.

Mark works in construction design, planning home improvement projects that allow those with mobility concerns and injuries to move around their homes independently. His job has taken him across Pennsylvania. This has given him the opportunity to get to know the countless Pennsylvanians who have been left behind by their elected officials.

Mark knows that those with disabilities, the elderly, our essential workers, and those living on limited income have been denied the resources that they have rightfully earned. He also understands that those on the receiving end of our broken system are often our friends, our family members, and our neighbors.

Having previously worked in carpentry, the restaurant industry, and having served as an independent contractor, Mark knows all too well what its like to work jobs with hazardous conditions, erratic pay, and no benefits. He knows the difference that a strong union can make.

Mark is dedicated to protecting and strengthening unions here in Pennsylvania.

Mark's two children are in elementary school. They currently attend Columbia Borough School District.

Mark knows how underfunded our children's schools are. He knows that our children aren't receiving the educations they deserve. He knows that the quality of our children's schooling too often depends on where they live.

Mark is willing to fight for working people as your next state representative, but in order to do it, he needs your support! Let's make sure we have more of OUR VOICES in the state house of representatives! Let's move Pennsylvania forward, together!


Mark in Action