PA's Farms

In his current role at Bossy Girl Leadership, a prominent leadership development and training firm based in Cumberland County, Mark is deeply committed to addressing the workforce development needs and H-2A policy challenges facing the agricultural industry in our commonwealth. The agriculture sector is a major employer and a vital contributor to Pennsylvania's economy, contributing significantly to our gross state product and supporting a substantial portion of our workforce. PA's family-owned farms play a crucial role in our food security and environmental sustainability efforts.

Pennsylvania's agricultural industry supports 1 in 10 jobs, with over 280,500 direct jobs and $10.9 billion in direct earnings. The wider indirect ecosystem of farms and agribusinesses adds even more to our economy, contributing 579,000 jobs, $26.9 billion in earnings, and $135.7 billion in total output.

However, Pennsylvania's farms have been facing critical labor deficiencies for more than a decade, a challenge exacerbated by the pandemic. The availability of reliable labor has reached a crisis stage, threatening the viability of small and medium-sized farms—the backbone of our agricultural landscape.

Mark firmly believes that saving these farms is essential for our state's economy, food security, and environmental sustainability. He is committed to investing in workforce development programs tailored to the unique needs of our agricultural community. By providing farmers with the skills, training, and support they need to adapt to modern challenges, we can ensure their long-term success and the vitality of Pennsylvania's agricultural industry.

Mark will support policies that support workforce development, address labor shortages, and improve the H-2A visa program to better meet the needs of our agricultural employers and migrant workers. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient agricultural sector that benefits all Pennsylvanians.